5 Worrisome AC Noises in Tequesta, FL

Air conditioning issues in Tequesta, FL, can make it uncomfortable to be at home during the warmer months. Abnormal sounds typically indicate a problem. Read on to learn what the noises are and what their underlying causes may be.

Screeching or Grinding

A bad belt or fan motor can cause these AC noises. When these parts wear out, the abnormal noises result from friction. If you keep running your AC system when it’s screeching or grinding, other parts of your air conditioner could wear down prematurely, leading to costly repairs.

Clanking or Banging

Broken or loose parts might clank or bang when your system is running. Pay special attention to the parts within the compressor when you hear these AC noises. Anything loose or broken could cause damage to other air conditioner components if you don’t fix the issue promptly.

Tapping or Clicking

If you hear these noises when your system is shutting down or starting up, they’re often normal. However, if they persist when your system is running, there could be debris, making it harder for the internal parts to move. An electrical issue could also cause clicking or tapping.

Whistling or Hissing

Refrigerant leaks can cause whistling or hissing noises. These leaks could pose a health hazard and make your AC system work harder, reducing its efficiency.

Humming or Buzzing

Certain electrical issues, such as faulty components or loose connections, can cause humming or buzzing sounds. There’s a risk of electrical fires if you do not quickly address any electrical problems.

Any abnormal noises coming from your AC system warrant a visit from an experienced HVAC comfort specialist to diagnose the cause. You should also stop using your air conditioner until you get it fixed. Call Ranger Air Conditioning today for expert air conditioning repairs in Tequesta, FL.

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