4 Signs Your AC Blower Motor is About to Die

The blower motor is responsible for pumping air through the air conditioner, making it susceptible to wear and tear. When it stops functioning or fails, the air conditioner stops blowing cold air, making your home uncomfortable during the hot summer months. Here are top warning signs that you’re dealing with a failing AC blower motor in your Palm Beach Gardens, FL, home:

Weak Airflow

You’ll notice weak airflow when the AC blower motor has difficulties pushing air through the vents. If it fails, the indoor coil could freeze because of a lack of air across the coil. The solution is to hire an HVAC expert to inspect your AC blower motor and diagnose and repair the issue.

Higher Cooling Bills

An aging or dirty blower motor could cause extremely high utility bills. Clogging from dirt accumulation or aging forces the blower motor to work harder to circulate air in your home, increasing your electricity bills. An air conditioning expert will replace an old blower motor or clean it to improve its performance to avoid a higher cooling bill.

Strange Sounds

Any unusual sound from your air conditioner is a sign of an underlying issue that requires repair or replacement. Any strange noise from the blower motor indicates that it’s on its final leg. You should speak to a professional if you hear a loud screeching or banging sound.

Overheating AC System

An accumulation of grime and dirt around an AC blower motor could cause overheating. Overheating could also indicate a worn-out or old blower motor that you’ll need to replace. Shut off your air conditioner if you smell a burning odor while waiting for professional assistance.

When the HVAC professionals inspect the blower motor, they will recommend a replacement or repair, depending on the extent of the damage. It’s important to avoid overlooking these signs because a faulty blower motor can damage an AC system and increase energy costs. Call us at Ranger Air Conditioning today for affordable maintenance plans to improve your home’s comfort.

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