Trust Heat Pump Repairs to the Pros in Tequesta, FL

When your heat pump starts acting unusually, it’s tempting to look up videos and try to solve it yourself. However, doing so may cost you more than starting with a professional service technician in the first place. Consider these reasons to hire a professional in Tequesta, FL, to complete your heat pump repairs:

Risk of Electrical Shock and Property Damage

A heat pump has a large electrical draw, which poses a real hazard for both your personal and property safety. An improperly discharged system can lead to severe electric shock, including fatal consequences, or it could start a property fire. Professional service technicians understand the proper procedure to follow to minimize the risks, allowing them to safely fix your system.

Voiding Your Manufacturer Warranty

Most heat pump manufacturers have specific terms to keep their warranties valid, including who can work on the system. Often, they require that a professional service technician complete all work on the system. While this doesn’t usually include filter changes, it does include routine heat pump repairs and maintenance.

Higher Heat Pump Repair Costs

DIY repairs frequently lead to higher repair costs due to improper training or not having the right tools. Without the right tools and training, some components are easily damaged during installation, leading to additional replacements. Further, without following the right procedure, you risk damaging additional components.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Failing to work on a heat pump in the right way frequently affects its efficiency. Even if you manage to get your system up and running again, it’s very likely you’ve reduced your system’s efficiency. This means you’ll see more costs over time in your increased energy consumption.

Avoid the risks of attempting to repair your heat pump to save a few bucks. Call to schedule your heat pump repair appointment with one of the NATE-certified service technicians at Ranger Air Conditioning.

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