Protect Your AC System With Spring Maintenance in Seawalls Point, FL

As temperatures rise around Seawalls Point, FL, you think about how comfortable your air conditioner keeps your house. Spring maintenance will prepare your AC system for the summer by giving it the following protections:

Reduce Airflow Restrictions

Your AC system depends on being able to circulate air freely. However, debris like dust and dirt restrict that airflow at the air filter, evaporator coil and circulating fan. A professional comfort specialist will check your air filter and clean your coil and fan to ensure air moves freely.

Prevent Abnormal Cycle Lengths

When your AC system has an airflow restriction or failing component, it’ll cause unusual cycle lengths. This may present in longer cycles than usual or rapidly turning on and off, known as short cycling. Regardless of longer or shorter cycles, both result in additional strain on your system and preventable AC repairs.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Contaminants slowly collect on your evaporator coil and circulating fan as your system runs. Not only does this cause airflow restriction, but it also recirculates those particles into your air, which can cause health problems. A comfort specialist cleans all of these areas during a spring maintenance visit, improving your air quality.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

The airflow restrictions and additional strain to the AC system cause components to wear more quickly. These components eventually give out and will cause a breakdown, and emergency repairs to get the system back up. Routine maintenance will find these vulnerabilities before they create a significant breakdown, giving you time to repair them.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranty

Regular maintenance is a key factor to your system meeting its expected service life of 10 to 15 years. As a result, manufacturers often stipulate professional maintenance as a term of keeping a warranty valid.

Protect your AC system as the weather continues heating up this summer. Call Ranger Air Conditioning to schedule your spring AC maintenance today.

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