3 of the Most Common AC Issues For Florida Homeowners

When you live in Stuart, Florida, you rely on your air conditioner to cool your home for most of the year. Even with routine AC maintenance, that heavy workload can eventually take its toll on your cooling system. If you notice any one of the following three common AC issues, contact a professional for a repair before you need a costly replacement:

Air Conditioner Constantly Running

Is your air conditioner constantly cycling to cool your home to your desired temperature? This AC issue is usually caused by a faulty compressor that malfunctions when dirt and grime build up on the coils. Too much build-up on the coils causes the compressor to work harder to produce and blow cool air into your home. The added strain will lead to higher energy bills and increase your risk of a major breakdown. That’s why it’s imperative to get it repaired right away.

Pro Tip: Unusual noises coming for your AC system can also signal a faulty compressor. If you hear banging, squealing, knocking or any other strange sound coming from your air conditioner, seek professional help immediately.

Uneven or Inadequate Cooling

Are you noticing that some rooms in your home are hotter than others? Are those rooms receiving direct sunlight for much of the day? If not, your air conditioner is likely having trouble cooling your entire home. While this can be the result of dirty evaporator coils, you might also have a clogged filter. Check your filter, and change it if it looks clogged with dirt and other debris. To reduce system strain and prevent poor indoor air quality, change your filter every 90 days.

Excess Moisture Around the Unit

Your central air conditioner performs two tasks: It cools your home and removes condensation from the indoor air. It completes this process by drawing water vapor from inside your home and directing it outside via a drain line.

A clogged drain line can eventually result in water overflowing out of the drip pan. When that happens, the system will shut off to protect itself from more damage. The excess moisture can lead to biological growth and property damage. Therefore, it’s vital that you call a professional as soon as you notice excess moisture around your AC system.

One way to prevent AC issues like these is to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. If you’d like to schedule AC maintenance or require a repair, contact Ranger Air Conditioning at 772-205-3293.

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