How to Decide Between Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Ductless AC

Most central air conditioning systems lose almost a third of the cooling they produce to leaky ductwork. Ductless air conditioners resolve this issue by delivering cool air directly to your living spaces. If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, consider going ductless. Read on to learn whether a single-zone or multi-zone ductless AC is right for your home in Tequesta, Florida.

Single-Zone Ductless AC

A single-zone ductless air conditioner comprises one indoor air handler that connects to its own dedicated outdoor mini-split unit. The indoor and outdoor units compose a single standalone HVAC system, which uses advanced variable-speed technology to match your cooling needs with precision. As a result, you cut energy consumption and save money.

Why Use Single-Zone Ductless AC in Your Home

  • Cool or heat a garage, an enclosed porch or a new room addition
  • Easy installation process that involves shorter and simpler piping
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment

Multi-Zone Ductless AC

Single-zone ductless air conditioners are meant to cool or heat small living spaces. Multi-zone systems, on the other hand, allow you to connect multiple indoor air handlers to the outdoor unit. As a result, they let you create and control the temperature in multiple zones within your home. For example, you can keep your bedrooms cooler at night without cooling the rest of your home. During the day, you can cool the living room without cooling the bedrooms.

Why Use Multi-Zone Ductless AC in Your Home

  • Personalized comfort for every family member in your household
  • Multi-stage air filtration that reduces the presence of particle pollutants
  • Eligible for tax credits and utility rebates

There are numerous HVAC systems to choose from when you’re shopping for a new unit. One of the best ways to cool and heat your home today is by using a ductless AC. To learn more or schedule a ductless AC installation, contact Ranger Air Conditioning at 772-205-3293. We’re here to help you maximize energy efficiency and comfort at home.

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