Don’t Make These 4 Thermostat Mistakes This Cooling Season

You may not be getting the most out of your programmable thermostat because of certain mistakes. Optimizing your thermostat’s operation offers many benefits, including energy savings. Read on to learn about four common thermostat mistakes that homeowners in Martin, FL, make every cooling season.

Not Creating a Cooling Schedule

Your thermostat offers a way to create a customized schedule, so take advantage of this. You’ll want to take into account those times when the air conditioner doesn’t need to come on: when everyone is asleep, for example, or when everyone is away for school or work. Without a cooling schedule, you miss out on a ton of energy savings.

Turning Off the Thermostat

You might wish to turn off the thermostat before going to bed or leaving the home, but raising the temperature is actually better. This means that the AC system may turn on occasionally when no one is home, but it saves you more money than if you run the air conditioner after letting the house get extremely hot. Extreme heat can also damage a home.

Cranking the Thermostat Down

Some homeowners will crank down the thermostat thinking that this will cool the inside quicker. Thermostats have no control over how quickly an AC system cools, so doing this merely causes the air conditioner to run longer than it should.

Not Maintaining the Thermostat

Lastly, make sure to schedule regular maintenance so that the thermostat can continue to work as effectively as possible. A tuneup usually covers thermostat calibration.

Residents across Martin, FL, leave their repair jobs to Ranger Air Conditioning, so call us today for a convenient appointment. You can call anytime you’re facing an emergency repair situation. Established in 1974, our company has dealt with every kind of air conditioning issue, including malfunctioning thermostats.

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