Does Smart Thermostat Placement Really Matter?

The placement of your smart thermostat is worth considering before installing it in your home. Doing so can make all the difference in the comfort and energy use in your house when you need hot or cold air. Here’s why smart thermostat placement matters and how to ensure you choose the right spot for yours in your Martin, FL, home:

Why Is Location Important?

Your smart thermostat is responsible for turning on your HVAC system to blow hot and cold air throughout your home. It does this by constantly monitoring the temperature so it can adjust to your chosen settings. Proper placement and installation of this device will ensure it can accurately detect the temperature in your house and turn the air conditioner or heater on and off accordingly.

How to Choose the Right Location

Smart thermostats function best when they’re placed on the first floor of a home because the second floor placement can lead to incorrect readings due to heat rising. The thermostat should also be out of direct sunlight and placed in a frequently used area. The center of a central area in your home is generally your best bet, as this will give an accurate reading during hot and chilly months in Martin, FL.

Which Areas You Should Avoid

We recommend not installing in any areas of your wall that are right next to windows or air vents. It’s also important to avoid sources of heat, such as ovens. Placement in these areas can result in inaccurate readings due to blasts of hot or cold air on the device.

No matter the size of your Martin, FL, home, it can be difficult to choose the perfect spot for your smart thermostat. Let our team of HVAC experts answer your questions and help you choose the right place for your new smart thermostat. Call Ranger Air Conditioning today for friendly advice and HVAC installation from a locally trusted company.

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