Call a Professional When You Spot These 4 Signs of AC Trouble

Your air conditioner works to keep your Hobe Sound, Florida, home comfortable when the temperatures begin to soar. Part of ensuring that your AC system runs properly is being able to spot signs of trouble and schedule a repair right away. If you notice any of these signs of AC trouble, it’s time to call a professional.

Hot Air is Coming Out of the Vents

You use your air conditioner to cool the temperature in your home. As obvious as it sounds, hot air coming out is a sign of AC trouble. When this occurs, discomfort is probably the least of your worries. That’s because it’s often a sign that the compressor is broken or your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak.

There’s Moisture Around Your System

Moisture and leaks can indicate minor or major damage. But in either case, you should address them immediately to prevent biological growth. Moisture or water can be a sign of a blocked drain tube or a refrigerant leak.

You Hear Unusual Sounds

Your air conditioner should be fairly quiet during operation, and you should only hear the gentle hum of the motor. Noises such as squealing, grating, grinding or thwapping are all signs that there’s a problem. Problems can be as simple as debris stuck in the fan or as complicated as a failing motor.

Humidity in Your Home Has Increased

Your air conditioner works to lower the temperature in your home and pull humidly out of the air. If your home begins to feel muggy, it’s a sign that you have AC trouble. If you notice water accumulation around your windows, contact a professional for assistance.

Keep small problems with your AC unit from becoming large ones. Contact Ranger Air Conditioning at 772-205-3293 today to address the issue and get your system running properly again.

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