3 Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System Installation in Hobe Sound, FL

You’ve probably seen or heard about ductless HVAC systems. This piece of equipment is quickly gaining popularity over the normal HVAC system because of its many benefits. Here are a few reasons for the main advantages of going the ductless HVAC route in Hobe Sound, FL.

Easy to Install

Unlike conventional HVAC systems that need several weeks for proper installation, ductless systems only need a day. Of course this is dependent on how many indoor air handler units you need. Thankfully, no matter how many indoor units you plan to get, you won’t have to worry about repairing walls and doing a lot of construction work. This is because mini-splits only need a small three-inch hole for the conduit that connects the indoor units to the outdoor one.

Save You a Lot of Money

Many people shy away from ductless HVAC systems owing to their purchase price. However, in the long run, they prove to be very cost-effective. Regular HVAC systems lose up to 30% of energy through their ducts. That’s why, when you go ductless, you save a lot of money on electricity.

You’ll also pay very little on installation costs, and returning your house to its normal state is a bonus. All in all, a ductless HVAC is a worthy investment.

Improve Air Quality

HVAC ducts are prone to dust build-up, allergens and grime. This greatly influences the overall air quality that your unit projects. Since ductless systems don’t need long ducts, you won’t experience this problem.

You can be more assured of top-notch air quality with a ductless system. Due to its multistage filtration process, every contaminant in the air will remain on the filter. You will also get to save money and time otherwise spent paying for duct cleaning and other maintenance practices.

As technology improves, so should your home and HVAC system. Contact us at Ranger Air Conditioning to learn more about ductless HVAC units and have us install one in your house or commercial site.

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