Will an Air Purifier Improve the Air in My Jupiter Island, FL, Home?

As it does in much of the country, the fall weather brings allergy season to Jupiter Island, FL. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, pollen grains trapped inside your home air will make them miserable. An air purifier is a helpful device to improve the air quality in your home, and this guide explains what irritants it can remove and how it works.

Common Home Irritants

When sunlight shines through your window, you can see dust particles floating in the air. The household dust you can see is a mix of hair, dander and fibers. Your body’s natural filtering system can remove some of these larger irritants before they reach your lungs.

Even smaller particles that you cannot see are floating in the air on or around the larger dust particles. This is where you’ll find allergy-causing irritants like pollen grains and dust mite droppings.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

High levels of impurities in your indoor air can cause several health issues. People with allergies may feel like they have a cold throughout the year. If someone has a respiratory illness like asthma, these impurities can trigger an attack.

How an Air Purifier Works

An air purifier removes impurities before they can cause trouble. As air circulates through your HVAC system, it’ll pass through the purifier.

The first stage of an air purifier is a pre-filter that removes larger debris like hair and fibers. Removing larger items allows the next stage to be more effective.

The second stage is an electronic air cleaner that uses static electricity to attract smaller particles like pollen grains. The air purifier renders them harmless, and you and your family will breathe more easily.

We dedicate ourselves to the complete comfort of your home. Contact Ranger Air Conditioning today to let one of our comfort specialists help you pick the right equipment to improve your indoor air quality.

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