4 Worrisome Heat Pump Sounds in Martin, FL

Heat pumps are efficient devices to keep your Martin, FL, home comfortable throughout the year. It’s wise to hire an experienced HVAC comfort specialist to repair or replace your heat pump if it suddenly begins making weird noises. Here are four heat pump sounds to worry about and what they mean:

Humming Noises

Heat pumps use electricity to cool and heat your home. Therefore, it’s usual to hear some humming sounds when it’s operating. If the humming noise is too loud, it’s disruptive or it originates from the inside, it could indicate an electrical problem. The electrical issue could be a failing fan motor or a faulty part, so you should call a comfort specialist for assistance.

Hissing Noises

Low refrigerant levels could cause hissing heat pump sounds. You may have a refrigerant leak or low refrigerant levels, which pose an environmental danger. You need a certified comfort specialist to inspect the heat pump, check the refrigerant and fix the issues.

Gurgling, Buzzing and Grinding Noises

Dirty motor bearings cause your heat pump to produce grinding sounds, and buzzing sounds typically happen due to failing coils or contacts. Failing to recharge your coolant could explain why your heat is producing a gurgling noise. It’s best to let a qualified comfort specialist inspect your heat pump, diagnose the cause of any strange sounds and conduct repairs.

Operating Louder Than Usual

While heat pumps generate some noises when in operation, any loud sound signifies an underlying problem. Too loud heat pumps could signify that the compressor is running at a higher setting or the unit is set on defrost mode. You’ll want to hire an expert for diagnosis because loud sounds are a warning sign of serious heat pump problems.

Your heat pump comfort specialist can fix the underlying issues that could be forcing your unit to make unusual noises. Don’t postpone heat pump repairs if you want to avoid damaging the unit further. Contact Ranger Air Conditioning for dependable maintenance services and learn more about necessary preventative measures.

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