Why Won’t My Heating System in Tequesta, FL, Turn On?

Is your heating system in Tequesta, FL, failing to warm your house? The heater may fail to turn on because of faulty or dirty components. While you shouldn’t try to repair your own heating system, knowing what’s causing the underlying issues allows you to give your repair service technician more information.

Dirty Air Filter

For the heating system to turn on and operate efficiently, it requires adequate airflow. If you have a clogged filter, the heater cannot draw enough air through the blocked filter. Consider changing your filter every three months to promote unobstructed airflow. We can help you change the filter in your heating system if you have trouble.

Dirty Electric Ignition

Older furnaces use a pilot light to ignite the burners, while modern furnaces use an electric ignition. Dirt may build up on these components with time, reducing their ability to ignite the burners. Schedule regular maintenance services to have all your heating system’s parts cleaned.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Modern furnaces with electric ignition rely on electricity to ignite the burners. If your circuit breaker trips, it cuts the electricity supply to the system.

As a result, the electric ignition cannot light the burners. Your furnace or other appliances in your home can trip the circuit breaker.

Another Heater Problem

There are various other problems that can cause your heater to break down and not turn on again. While the mild winter weather in Tequesta, FL, won’t have you rushing to schedule an emergency heater repair, you still need to find the issue and fix your system.

If your heating system develops problems and won’t turn on, seek professional help rather than attempting DIY heater repairs. You can always reach out to us at Ranger Air Conditioning for exceptional heating services. We’re experts at repairing and maintaining heaters in Tequesta, FL.

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