Why Isn’t My Ductless AC Cooling Properly in St. Lucie, FL?

Temperatures in St. Lucie, FL, start going up pretty early in the year. When those temperatures are rising, you need to know that your home can provide a cool place of refuge from the heat. If your ductless AC system isn’t keeping your home cool, there are a few possibilities as to why. Read on to learn more.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is the most important element of any air conditioning system. It’s responsible for transferring the heat from inside your home to the outside. If the refrigerant line somehow develops a leak, the fluid responsible for cooling your home will drip out, and you won’t feel the cool air that you want.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is responsible for evaporating the refrigerant to cool your home. If you have an evaporator coil that freezes, it no longer gets the airflow that it requires to evaporate the refrigerant and siphon the heat out of your home. When the coil can’t complete the evaporation process, it can’t put out cold air, which leads to your home becoming warmer.

Clogged Air Filter

Not every cause of a faulty ductless system is as serious as a refrigerant leak or a frozen coil. In some cases, you may just have a filter that needs cleaning. When the filters in your ductless AC system get dirty, the system will struggle to maintain airflow.

Generally, you should plan on cleaning or replacing your filter at least monthly. It’s a quick maintenance step that can ensure that your ductless AC system doesn’t struggle to keep you comfortable.

Outside of cleaning the filter, you should never take on any ductless HVAC repairs on your own. Fortunately, our comfort specialists know how to handle all makes and models of ductless HVAC systems. Call Ranger Air Conditioning today to find out about all our HVAC maintenance services, including ductless AC repairs.

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