When to Use Your HVAC Thermostat’s Fan Mode in Tequesta, FL

If you have the thermostat’s fan mode set to “Auto” in your Tequesta, FL, home, the fan will only work when the HVAC system is actively warming or cooling the house. However, there are certain times when the “On” setting, which makes the fans work constantly, can be useful. Here are some times when this special fan mode may be appropriate.

When Your Indoor Air Quality Is Low

Indoor air quality can worsen for a variety of reasons, and you need to remain aware of all such threats. However, if a sudden influx of airborne pollutants has come into your home, it’s wise to flush these toxins out. Temporarily switching your HVAC thermostat’s fan setting to “On” can be an effective way to do this.

Eliminating Hot or Cold Spots

If all’s well with your HVAC system, it should heat and cool all parts of your home evenly, unless you specifically program your thermostat to tell it to do otherwise. If you get mysterious hot and cold spots that have markedly different temperatures than the rest of your home, something is wrong with your HVAC system. However, switching your fan to “On” mode can provide a temporary fix to this problem.

After implementing this temporary measure, schedule HVAC services from our team of trained comfort specialists. We can examine your system, discover the source of the problem and set things right.

When Outdoor Temperatures Are Comfortable

Since Florida tends to have mild winters, your heating system may not even turn on for long periods. This will prevent air from circulating through your home. “On” mode is especially useful to freshen things up in this case.

The “On” fan setting, while usually unnecessary, has great utility in some circumstances. Call Ranger Air Conditioning and ask for our zoned climate control services to get the most out of your thermostat.

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