What’s That Weird Smell Coming From My Furnace in Stuart, FL?

Odors coming from your furnace can signal serious trouble or mean absolutely nothing. You may have noticed some odd smells coming from your furnace, especially when you first turn it on for the winter. It’s important to know what types of odors are normal, which ones aren’t and what they all mean for the health of your furnace in Stuart, FL.

A Smoky or Dusty Smell

When you turn your furnace on for the first time, a dusty or smoky smell may come from the vents. Many people tend to panic when they get a whiff of this odor, but it’s typically nothing to worry about.

When your furnace is off during the warmer months, dust is collecting inside the ductwork. When it comes on again, the hot air burns this dust away, creating the smell in question.

Rotten Eggs

Assuming that you don’t have any actual rotten eggs in your home, this odor can certainly cause concern. Many people who complain about a rotten-egg odor coming from their furnace are experiencing a gas leak. The sulfuric odor of leaking gas is a clear sign of trouble and should lead to a call for professional furnace repair.

Burning Plastic

Finally, it’s vital for the safety of your family that you can recognize the difference between the smell of burning dust and that of burning plastic. An odor of burning plastic coming from your furnace could mean that a short is causing electrical components and/or wires to scorch or even that the fan motor is failing. To avoid a major fire hazard, you need to shut off the furnace and have a professional assess the situation immediately.

Anytime you experience a new or strange odor coming from your home’s heating system, it’s a good idea to contact our friendly comfort specialists. It’s even better to arrange for preventive maintenance to ward off issues like this. Call Ranger Air Conditioning today to find out about our full range of HVAC services.

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