3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Parties

For many people in Stuart, Florida, the holidays are filled with fun family gatherings and lots of guests. For a successful event, you need a comfortable, welcoming home. You can prepare for great holiday parties by cleaning often, scheduling HVAC maintenance and decorating.

Clean Each Day Instead of Weekly

No one wants friends to come over when the house is a mess. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find time to clean, especially if you’re having a last-minute event. Instead of letting the mess get big by vacuuming and dusting just once or twice a week, do about 10 minutes of work per day. Dust levels won’t become high enough to cause sinus problems or allergy symptoms, and you can keep clutter low. You’ll never have to hurry to clean your whole house before guests arrive.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Even if you don’t normally have guests, you should have your heater checked by a professional once per year and change your HVAC system’s air filter once per month. That way, you can prevent an inconvenient breakdown before a big party. You can also get rid of drafty areas, strange noises, and other problems that could cause a guest to think up a polite excuse and leave early.

Decorate With a Personal Touch

Decorating for the holiday season is a great family tradition, and a beautiful tree with some wreaths can add a cozy touch to your home. Choose an artificial tree to prevent allergies, save money and help the environment. They can last for years, but a living tree will die in a few months. Instead of commercial air fresheners, simmer some cinnamon sticks, orange slices or cloves on the stove to keep your home smelling festive.

Ranger Air Conditioning is a Trane Comfort Specialist with over 40 years of heating and cooling experience. We can help you keep your HVAC system working well so that your family and friends will stay comfortable when they visit during the holiday season. Call us anytime at 772-205-3293 for quality service.

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