4 Reasons You Should Improve Your Home Air Quality

Good air quality in your Tequesta, FL, home benefits every resident, regardless of whether they suffer from allergies. Each person breathes about 11,000 liters of air each day, so there’s ample opportunity to breathe in something that can compromise your health. These are some of the benefits of improving the air quality in your home:

Breathe Easier

Lower air quality causes breathing to be more difficult, and taking shallow breaths for extended amounts of time can place extra stress on organs like your lungs and heart. When you take big breaths with better air quality, your body is more likely to receive the amount of oxygen that’s optimal for your bodily needs.

Sleep Better

You need to breathe more heavily when you are in REM sleep, so because poor indoor air quality can make it harder to breathe, that means it can also reduce your sleep quality. If your body can get the oxygen it needs without irritants like pollen or dust, it also minimizes the amount you toss and turn.

Reduce Odors

Odors can be distracting and even put you in a bad mood. Ventilation and filtration systems can help refresh the air in your space, including removing odor-causing particulates that may linger after cooking or cleaning.

Eliminate Allergens

Allergens include pollen, cockroach debris, animal dander and dust. All of them can cause allergies to flare, leading to sneezing, coughing and irritated eyes and throats. Removing these allergens from your space by improving your indoor air quality can make your home more comfortable for all its occupants.

Family-owned and operated, we’ve been providing top-notch HVAC services to Tequesta residents since 1974. Whether you want to improve your indoor air quality or you need some maintenance done on your HVAC system, give Ranger Air Conditioning a call today.

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