4 Reasons Your Furnace in Tequesta, FL, is Short-Cycling

A properly working heater should turn on when the temperature of your house drops below the set temperature on the thermostat. It should also turn off after adequately heating your home. If your home furnace in Tequesta, FL, isn’t keeping you as comfortable as it should, one of these reasons may be the cause:

Oversized Furnace

Installing an oversized furnace for your home doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy more heating. The opposite is true. An oversized furnace will quickly heat your house and turn off. Uneven heating makes rooms cool faster, turning the furnace on again.

Bad Flame Sensor

Your furnace produces small amounts of water as it burns fuel to produce heat. This water will corrode the metals on the flame sensor and make it dirty because of the rust produced. A flame sensor in that state can’t function appropriately and will cause the furnace gas valve to prematurely turn off.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is part of your heater that senses and keeps the temperatures of your house in check. Therefore, if your thermostat is faulty, it can’t function as required to keep your house as warm as you hope. Perhaps the location of your thermostat isn’t right, it has run out of batteries or something could be wrong with the wiring.

Low Airflow

Anything that interferes with the airflow of your heater will cause it to short-cycle. Something as simple as dirty air filters, a dirty blower wheel or blocked air supply vents will make the furnace overheat, causing the system to shut off while your home is still cold.

It helps to schedule regular maintenance to prevent such issues from occurring. If your heating system in Tequesta, FL, is short-cycling, call Ranger Air Conditioning. We’ll inspect and find the cause of the heating issue and correct it accordingly.

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