Maintain Comfort and Reduce Energy Use With a Zoned HVAC System

Keeping your Hobe Sound, Florida, home comfortable during the hot summer months is likely one of your top priorities. If you’re building a new home or addition and want to maximize comfort, consider installing a zoned HVAC system. Check out some of the benefits you can enjoy when you opt for a zoned HVAC system.

How Zoned Systems Work

A zoned HVAC system uses thermostats that control dampers in the air ducts in different areas within your home. When a room reaches the desired temperature, the dampers close to stop cooled air from entering the room. As a result, you avoid cooling empty rooms and save energy.

How They Can Personalize Your Comfort

A zoned HVAC system enables you to customize the cooling experience throughout your home. You can control each zone individually, which enables others in your home to keep their rooms at their chosen temperatures.

A zoned HVAC system also can help you keep rooms at your desired comfort level based on your activity. You can lower the temperatures in rooms where you entertain or where you’re most active and keep the temperature warmer in the areas where you relax or sleep.

How They Help You Save Energy

Since you have the ability to alter the temperature in rooms you don’t use every day, you won’t waste energy cooling empty rooms. Typically, homeowners would close off vents in these rooms, but this actually makes your system less efficient because the cooled air will still move to these areas. A zoned system diverts the air instead of blocking it. By using less energy, zoned systems help you lower your utility bills.

If comfort is a top priority in your home, choosing to install a zoned HVAC system may be exactly the answer to your problem. Think a zoned system may be right for you? Contact us at 772-205-3293. Ranger Air Conditioning will help you find the best zoned system to accommodate your home.

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