How to Prevent an Expensive Commercial HVAC Repair

Are you a facility manager or business owner in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? If so, you depend on your commercial HVAC system to create comfortable conditions for customers, employees or both. Breaking your budget or experiencing business disruptions is the last thing you need. Read on to learn how to prevent an expensive commercial HVAC repair.

Don’t Strain Your Commercial HVAC System

The average daytime temperatures in Palm Beach Gardens warrant the use of an air conditioner throughout the year. That doesn’t mean you have to push your AC system to the limits, though. When you close your retail store or office space for the day, turn the thermostat up a few degrees to prevent cooling an empty space. During your normal hours of operation, set your thermostat at a comfortable 78 degrees to avoid straining the system and high energy bills.

Change Your Commercial HVAC System’s Filter

Your commercial HVAC system’s filter is responsible for a number of important tasks, which includes trapping particle pollutants. By doing so, it stops them from collecting in the ductwork, clogging the system and spreading throughout your commercial space. To prevent a breakdown stemming from a dirty air filter, change yours every 90 days.

Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems are complex pieces of equipment that contain hundreds of moving parts. When a part starts to malfunction, what might initially be a minor issue can quickly develop into a major problem that costs a lot to fix. One way of avoiding that situation is to have a professional periodically inspect, clean and test your system. By scheduling regular commercial HVAC maintenance, you’ll avert high energy costs, avoid costly repairs and prolong the system’s life.

Ensuring your commercial HVAC system operates at peak efficiency is easy when you invest in a preventive maintenance plan. Contact Ranger Air Conditioning at 772-205-3293 to learn more about the benefits of signing up.

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