How Low Refrigerant Can Affect Your AC System in Jupiter, FL

After installing your air conditioner, you want to feel confident that it’s going to operate efficiently all cooling season. However, there are times when situations occur that can lead to damage. If you’re curious about how low refrigerant can harm your AC system in Jupiter, FL, review this helpful guide.

Issues With the AC Compressor

An air conditioner requires refrigerant at certain levels depending on the cooling capacity of the system. The AC compressor takes the coolant and changes it into pressured gas that runs through the system to provide cool air. Without enough refrigerant, the compressor can’t work properly, leading to serious issues.

Over time, when the AC compressor isn’t capable of performing properly, it’ll overheat and eventually wear out or even break. If the air conditioner compressor goes out, you’ll be looking at a replacement of that part if not a complete AC replacement.

Freezing Indoor Coil Signs Low AC Refrigerant

It seems odd that less refrigerant leads to freezing, but that’s what happens. When there isn’t enough in the system, the indoor coil can’t warm up enough to adequately heat the coolant, therefore leading to excess moisture and freezing. If you’re uncertain if there’s enough refrigerant to keep your system’s indoor coil from freezing, call our professionals at Ranger Air Conditioning to conduct an air conditioner inspection.

Improper Home Cooling

The primary issue that affects your AC system when there isn’t enough refrigerant in it is the inability to properly cool your property. There’s a specific amount of coolant required that’s often referred to as the system’s charge. If the level gets too low, the air conditioner will no longer be able to pull the warm air from inside and push it outdoors.

If your AC system doesn’t seem to be working at optimum levels, it could be because there isn’t enough refrigerant. Before you try any DIY services, understand that air conditioners are complex, and only qualified professionals should work on them. The team from Ranger Air Conditioning is standing by to assist you with all of your AC service needs, so call us today.

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