Don’t Ignore Any of These Ductless AC Noises in Tequesta, FL

When your ductless air conditioner in Tequesta, FL, is defective, you may notice some unusual signs that show all isn’t well. One of the signs you may encounter is weird sounds from the mini-split system. Discover what various ductless AC noises mean and what you can do to resolve them.


A ductless AC system’s filter catches contaminants in your indoor air, thus allowing your family to enjoy clean and fresh air quality. If you don’t clean the filter regularly, pollutants accumulate on it, preventing air from flowing through.

As the system draws air through the small openings left on the filter, you’ll hear a hissing or whistling sound. Clean your system’s air filter regularly to eliminate airflow problems.

The noise can also indicate a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant produces a hissing noise as it escapes because it is usually at high pressure. Schedule repair services so a comfort specialist can fix the damaged parts of the refrigerant lines and recharge the system.


A bubbling or gurgling noise indicates that your refrigerant lines have damaged sections. The damaged areas allow air bubbles to enter, and as the air mixes with the refrigerant, a bubbling noise occurs.


As your ductless system ages, its components wear out. The worn-out components may loosen and fall out of place. A banging noise occurs when these parts collide with other parts as the system runs.


Leaves and sticks may fall into the outdoor part of your ductless system. As the system runs, the fan blades may repeatedly hit these foreign items, causing a rattling noise. A loose cover panel can also cause this sound.


If the moving parts of your ductless AC system lack enough lubrication, they can produce grinding noises. Poorly lubricated components wear out quickly due to increased friction. Therefore, schedule regular maintenance services to ensure these parts are well-lubricated at all times.

Ignoring weird noises from your ductless AC system allows the underlying issues to worsen. Instead of hoping the noises will disappear with time, contact the ductless AC experts at Ranger Air Conditioning to have the system inspected. Our comfort specialists won’t rest until they restore your family’s comfort.

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