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Q. Should I have the Fan setting on my thermostat on ON or AUTO?

A. You should have your fan set to AUTO because if the fan is constantly running it is pulling humidity in to the house which makes it harder to cool down.

Q. What can I do before a hurricane and after to ensure my equipment does not get damaged?

A. Before a hurricane it is important to go outside and make sure your outside unit is strapped and secure. When you start losing power, it starts going in and out, it is important to shut your unit off to prevent any electrical damage. After the hurricane, make sure to check the outside unit for debris. If you unit is still not working after you regained power, make sure to check your breakers and give the unit a few hours to pull the majority of the humidity out of the house so it can begin to cool it down.

Q. What do I do when my digital touchscreen thermostat goes blank?

A. If your touch screen thermostat goes blank, make sure the batteries have been replaced if applicable. If your thermostat does not take batteries or the thermostat is still blank, you will need a service call.

Q. My evaporator coil has frozen up, what should I do?

A. If you coil is freezing up, turn off the unit for at least 2 hours and call for service.

Q. I’m remodeling my home, is there any precautions I should be aware due to the dust created from construction?

A.The best way to manage the dust during remodeling would be to use a clean pleated filter with a pre-filter over the return grill. Make sure to change the pre-filter every day during construction.

Q. The maintenance technician recommended I should replace my unit but it is running fine, why should I replace it?

A.The average life of an AC unit is 10 to 15 years. If the unit is approaching the end of its life span the tech will recommend a new unit if it is not running at its best so that it gives the customer time to plan for a new unit and be proactive rather than wait for an untimely breakdown.

Q. How often should I change my air filters?

A. You should change your air filters once a month. We recommend replacing the filters every time you get your light bill in order to stay on a monthly schedule for filter changes.

Q. Why should I have a maintenance on my unit twice a year?

A. It is important to have semi-annual maintenance on your system to keep it clean and running properly. The preventive maintenance can also keep your system from untimely breakdowns and running at peak performance.

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